Humble Hilo ethical products

I was lucky to have four gorgeous flowergirls as part of my recent wedding with one of those girls being my little daughter Frankie.  I had an exact image in my head as to what I wanted them to wear - simple, pretty dresses without the fru fru and simple, strappy sandals suitable for summer.  Kind of like a roman sandal but not so heavy.  Just focusing on the sandals for a minute - do you think I could find what I wanted in New Zealand?!  No, of course not.  I scoured the web for days, trawling through Pinterest and Instagram before finally coming across these little guys.   They were exactly what I was after!   And, even better,  a portion of each purchase goes back to the women in Guatamala who hand make them.  Humble Hilo is their name, they work on behalf of the humanitarian organization World Link Partners to provide support by creating job opportunities and giving back portion of all its profits to three programs that will make a sustainable difference in the lives of Guatemalans in great need.

Flowergirl shoes, sandals

Photo credit: Sophie Lewis Photography