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How to make your bum look hot in jeans

Are you one of the many women who struggles to find denim jeans to suit their shape?  Yep it can be a painful process what with all the options out there and it's quite a common occurrence to see jeans that are not well suited to the bum inside them.   I'm hoping to give a little bit of advice so you can see how the pockets on your jeans can play a MASSIVE role in how your jeans look from behind.  Here are a few things to consider:

  • It's all about the 'yoke'.  The yoke is the piece of fabric between the waistband and the pockets. The V-shape should be positioned around the top part of your bum see below:
  • The bottom of your back pockets should sit where your cheek and thigh meet.  See below example of women of different sizes and shapes showing how this works in a pair of GAP jeans.
Gap Jeans

Gap Jeans

  • Here is pic of when this does not quite work (EEEK)....
  • You will also see here that the distance between the pockets is important to your shape. Pockets wide apart can sometimes make your bum/hips appear wider.  Opt for a pair where the pockets are in the middle.

Now, if you know of someone who wears their jeans as per the photo above - please kindly slip them my number or send them this post :)

  • And finally, point 2 flies out the window somewhat when you are a size 6 or smaller and can wear your pockets high like this!   Confused??    Call me for a jean edit and guided shop today!  x
Rollas Jeans

Rollas Jeans



5 steps to declutter your wardrobe

Does this sound like you?  "I have too many clothes yet I don't know what to wear?"  This seems to be a common statement I am hearing from clients.   

Let's take the first part of this frustration "I have too many clothes".   Well if that is what you think then the answer is quite obvious - you need to cull!!   Too many options can create a level of anxiety in what to select in the mornings let alone taking up space in your wardrobe or drawers.  Here are five steps to get you minimalising your wardrobe:

1)  Firstly, put all your pieces into categories - tops, skirts, pants etc
2) Put aside what you wear regularly (those pieces you have been wearing for the past 6 months)
3) If you have a large pile remaining then this is what you need to take action with.  Go through and remove any items that are not in good quality condition.
4) Remove any items that no longer fit you (yes we all think we're going to get into that tight pair of skinnies from pre baby days - but the chances of this happening are...?)
5) Remove any items that are outdated (if you struggle to make this call, you may need a professional to advise, or ask a friend).

The Sallies are your friends here - ship off those culled items and let other people make use of them.

Be ruthless with this task, you will feel so good once you've cleansed this part of your life.  Without all the excess clothes you will have a new appreciation for the pieces that are left.  It may also show you more easily, what you might be missing.  Of course you may have something that is sentimental to you, then keep it,  but limit yourself to one or two sentimental items.

Get some nice wooden coat hangers, a damp rid bag and really create a wardrobe space that you want to get amongst!

Another little tip for your drawers - fold your items neatly so you can see what's inside!  Yes I'm a pastel gal....

Any questions, please ask.

Kon Mari drawers declutter

5 Ways to style your basics

Need a couple more ways to change up your outfits?  Here are some effective ways to turn those simple basics into something a little bit different to what you'd normally wear:

1) T-shirt/Tees

Tuck your t-shirt into a more formal skirt, this works well with the likes of a rocker, grungy or slogan tee.  Tucking it in makes it that tad tidier and is more flattering.  If there is too much bulk consider knotting the extra fabric.

slogan tee with plaid skirt
tee and pencil skirt

2) Shirt

Use your shirt as an added layer of colour or print – just tie it around your waist over jeans, a dress, or shorts and you have point of interest.  It can also help pull in a more floaty, unstructured dress to stop the bag lady look.

shirt tied around waist
shirt tied over dress

3) Woollen Jersey

I say jersey you say jumper, but you get what I mean... dress this basic up with floaty skirt for a contrast in textures. 

wool jumper with skirt
wool jersey with floaty skirt

4) Scarf

We all have a scarf or two in the wardrobe, so why not add a scarf in lieu of jewellery.  If you don't like the bulk of a scarf, try a silk neck tie instead.

silk neck tie womens fashion
scarf and formal wear

5) Cami

Cami's are very versatile, and sometimes we want to have them on show.  Try layering up for the cooler months with a kimono or thick knit cardy.

cami with cardy
cami and kimono

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