GoTs - Danerys, I want that stunning coat!

We are only a few episodes into the last series of Game of Thrones and I’m loving what Dany’s rocking. In particular the structured fur coat. WOW. I love structure through the shoulders and waist. Perfect for a dainty body shape like Emilia Clarke.

GoTs Head Costume Designer, Michele Clapton explains that the coat is made of “fake leather strips, a long pile high-quality fake fur and a short pile white fake fur, and towards the hem we used rabbit fur. It is all stitched together in strips and then mounded onto a corset-style base.”

Such detail and thought in the design also taking into consideration Dany needs to ride her dragons in this coat so it needs to have enough movement for her to do this.

I know it doesn’t get that cold in Auckland, but I would still love this piece in my wardrobe!

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