Remote / Virtual Styling Sessions

Are you located in regional New Zealand? In a small community without access to a range of clothing stores? Well I have you covered. I am offering a remote styling service that enables anyone to have a Wardrobe Edit with me, all via the power of technology. If you have a smart phone, then you are good to go. We can use Skype, FaceTime or Messenger to have a full wardrobe edit. It really is the same as if we were together in person. Just show me the contents of your wardrobe and we can go through each piece together and discuss where you have gaps, where I can help etc. Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to discuss this further.

GoTs - Danerys, I want that stunning coat!

We are only a few episodes into the last series of Game of Thrones and I’m loving what Dany’s rocking. In particular the structured fur coat. WOW. I love structure through the shoulders and waist. Perfect for a dainty body shape like Emilia Clarke.

GoTs Head Costume Designer, Michele Clapton explains that the coat is made of “fake leather strips, a long pile high-quality fake fur and a short pile white fake fur, and towards the hem we used rabbit fur. It is all stitched together in strips and then mounded onto a corset-style base.”

Such detail and thought in the design also taking into consideration Dany needs to ride her dragons in this coat so it needs to have enough movement for her to do this.

I know it doesn’t get that cold in Auckland, but I would still love this piece in my wardrobe!

Read more about this amazing piece of costume design here and for other interesting snippets visit here.

Game of Thrones, costume, winter coat

Stacey Gillies Interior Design

Alongside my personal styling services I am now also launching a new business in interior design and decor. This has been a goal of mine for many many years and I am excited to finally be taking the plunge. A year off with my little boy has given me time to think about what I want to offer and get the foundations set for taking on my first clients.

Stacey Gillies Interior Design is my business name and you will find me at My services will include anything from small renovations to new builds both residential and small commercial. Helping people wade through the many decisions involved in the renovation project is what I love to do as well as helping curate beautiful spaces for work and play.

To see examples of my work click here.

Stacey Gillies Interiors  Auckland, North Shore

Affordable, fashionable jeans

Located on New North Road in Kingsland is 14 oz, a shop dedicated to jeans and who stocks top brands such as Rollas, Neuw and A Brand.

Two pairs for $140 is their current deal or one pair for $80.   Such a great price!  I recently tried on several pairs (poor guy in the shop!) and decided on a wide legged, mum style -ish kind by Scandinavian brand Neuw.

From skinnies to high waisted and wide legged, there is a good range to choose from.   They don't have a website but a Facebook page here

Make sure it's on your go-to list.

affordable jeans Auckland NZ

Stylish clothing for the plus size woman

We all know New Zealand hasn't the range of fashion that other countries get to enjoy.   But with online shopping and international shipping available to us we should all be able to access stylish and affordable clothing when we need to.   This also applies for those of you who are plus size.

Locally we have the higher end such as Carpenters Daughter, Zebrano and Magazine.  Some brands like Kowtow go up to XL and due to their unstructured design can work well for larger sizes.  Of course there are the lower tier brands coming out of Farmers or Ezibuy.

International brands however might be worth a look such as these from the States who all ship to NZ:

Universal Standard

plus size fashion clothing nz

Image from


NZ Herald feature on Fashion Fairground

Very happy to be interviewed by Aimee Shaw for one of the largest newspapers in New Zealand the NZ Herald.   The small business section has a weekly FAQ with small business owners and entrepreneurs.  It's always great to read about how people operate their businesses so I was thrilled to be one of these business owners with Fashion Fairground personal styling featured at the end of September.

NZ Herald Stacey Gillies Personal Stylist

How to make your bum look hot in jeans

Are you one of the many women who struggles to find denim jeans to suit their shape?  Yep it can be a painful process what with all the options out there and it's quite a common occurrence to see jeans that are not well suited to the bum inside them.   I'm hoping to give a little bit of advice so you can see how the pockets on your jeans can play a MASSIVE role in how your jeans look from behind.  Here are a few things to consider:

  • It's all about the 'yoke'.  The yoke is the piece of fabric between the waistband and the pockets. The V-shape should be positioned around the top part of your bum see below:
  • The bottom of your back pockets should sit where your cheek and thigh meet.  See below example of women of different sizes and shapes showing how this works in a pair of GAP jeans.
Gap Jeans

Gap Jeans

  • Here is pic of when this does not quite work (EEEK)....
  • You will also see here that the distance between the pockets is important to your shape. Pockets wide apart can sometimes make your bum/hips appear wider.  Opt for a pair where the pockets are in the middle.

Now, if you know of someone who wears their jeans as per the photo above - please kindly slip them my number or send them this post :)

  • And finally, point 2 flies out the window somewhat when you are a size 6 or smaller and can wear your pockets high like this!   Confused??    Call me for a jean edit and guided shop today!  x
Rollas Jeans

Rollas Jeans



Wedding Table Decor for Hire

I'd love to share some of my wedding table decor items with you for unique place settings that your guests will admire.   I am hiring out my large selection of antique amber and brown glass bottles for anyone who is interested.  I have over 100 bottles and jars of varying sizes, textures and tones.

They would suit a rustic or vintage style New Zealand wedding and look great set against white tables or table cloths.  Add a pop of colour with some singular blooms or foliage.  

I also paired my white ruffle edged dinnerware with hand made linen napkins.  I can also hire out these napkins as well.   Email me if you are interested in either.




5 steps to declutter your wardrobe

Does this sound like you?  "I have too many clothes yet I don't know what to wear?"  This seems to be a common statement I am hearing from clients.   

Let's take the first part of this frustration "I have too many clothes".   Well if that is what you think then the answer is quite obvious - you need to cull!!   Too many options can create a level of anxiety in what to select in the mornings let alone taking up space in your wardrobe or drawers.  Here are five steps to get you minimalising your wardrobe:

1)  Firstly, put all your pieces into categories - tops, skirts, pants etc
2) Put aside what you wear regularly (those pieces you have been wearing for the past 6 months)
3) If you have a large pile remaining then this is what you need to take action with.  Go through and remove any items that are not in good quality condition.
4) Remove any items that no longer fit you (yes we all think we're going to get into that tight pair of skinnies from pre baby days - but the chances of this happening are...?)
5) Remove any items that are outdated (if you struggle to make this call, you may need a professional to advise, or ask a friend).

The Sallies are your friends here - ship off those culled items and let other people make use of them.

Be ruthless with this task, you will feel so good once you've cleansed this part of your life.  Without all the excess clothes you will have a new appreciation for the pieces that are left.  It may also show you more easily, what you might be missing.  Of course you may have something that is sentimental to you, then keep it,  but limit yourself to one or two sentimental items.

Get some nice wooden coat hangers, a damp rid bag and really create a wardrobe space that you want to get amongst!

Another little tip for your drawers - fold your items neatly so you can see what's inside!  Yes I'm a pastel gal....

Any questions, please ask.

Kon Mari drawers declutter

5 Ways to style your basics

Need a couple more ways to change up your outfits?  Here are some effective ways to turn those simple basics into something a little bit different to what you'd normally wear:

1) T-shirt/Tees

Tuck your t-shirt into a more formal skirt, this works well with the likes of a rocker, grungy or slogan tee.  Tucking it in makes it that tad tidier and is more flattering.  If there is too much bulk consider knotting the extra fabric.

slogan tee with plaid skirt
tee and pencil skirt

2) Shirt

Use your shirt as an added layer of colour or print – just tie it around your waist over jeans, a dress, or shorts and you have point of interest.  It can also help pull in a more floaty, unstructured dress to stop the bag lady look.

shirt tied around waist
shirt tied over dress

3) Woollen Jersey

I say jersey you say jumper, but you get what I mean... dress this basic up with floaty skirt for a contrast in textures. 

wool jumper with skirt
wool jersey with floaty skirt

4) Scarf

We all have a scarf or two in the wardrobe, so why not add a scarf in lieu of jewellery.  If you don't like the bulk of a scarf, try a silk neck tie instead.

silk neck tie womens fashion
scarf and formal wear

5) Cami

Cami's are very versatile, and sometimes we want to have them on show.  Try layering up for the cooler months with a kimono or thick knit cardy.

cami with cardy
cami and kimono

Photos: Pinterest

Iris Apfel - my current fashion idol

As we know, style is very individual and unique and some keep their sense of style for life.   Well this certainly applies to one woman who I came across recently on a Netflix doco about Iris Apfel.    At 95 years of age, this lady is still rocking it.  Her use of colour, print and textures is spot on, she is not afraid and doesn't follow trends.  Her background was in textiles and interior design travelling the world with her husband, for their business where she would buy beautiful pieces of fabric or interesting clothing, which were more like works of art.  Alongside these fabulous outfits comes her vast collection of costume jewellery - no she's not into the expensive stuff!   It wasn't until more recently that she has come to the attention of the media and the fashion set where she styles and designs and has even had her wardrobe exhibited in art museums.  I highly recommend you watch this doco, if only to check out the arm (and neck) candy she adorns!  Quirky, funky, I love this lady's style!

Iris Apfel fashion icon style queen
Iris, statement necklace, beads
Photo credits:  Pinterest

Humble Hilo ethical products

I was lucky to have four gorgeous flowergirls as part of my recent wedding with one of those girls being my little daughter Frankie.  I had an exact image in my head as to what I wanted them to wear - simple, pretty dresses without the fru fru and simple, strappy sandals suitable for summer.  Kind of like a roman sandal but not so heavy.  Just focusing on the sandals for a minute - do you think I could find what I wanted in New Zealand?!  No, of course not.  I scoured the web for days, trawling through Pinterest and Instagram before finally coming across these little guys.   They were exactly what I was after!   And, even better,  a portion of each purchase goes back to the women in Guatamala who hand make them.  Humble Hilo is their name, they work on behalf of the humanitarian organization World Link Partners to provide support by creating job opportunities and giving back portion of all its profits to three programs that will make a sustainable difference in the lives of Guatemalans in great need.

Flowergirl shoes, sandals

Photo credit: Sophie Lewis Photography

Mister Zimi for the print lovers

Mister Zimi dress style

On a visit to Melbourne late last year I was excited to come across a local brand making its mark across Australia.   What this label does well is create vibrant, girly pieces that just stand out from the crowd.   If you love colour then this store is the place to shop.  Not only do they have a great range of styles from jumpsuits to full length maxis, the price point is on point!   

Average price you are looking around the mid $AU200 mark you can find yourself buying more than one piece!  The range is designed in Australia and manufactured in Bali.  The tiny downside, and one reason for their affordable price is the fabric - at 100% viscose you really do need to take care when washing.  Hand wash in cold is a must with a very low iron.  

The new range (one option is shown above) is launching April 3rd!  

Image: From


If you haven't seen it already, have a listen to the new single by Lorde.  I managed to finally hear (and see the clip) this week.   It looks to me that Lorde has revamped herself somewhat.   A new shorter hair do, a hot pink slinky dress - where is the black, who cares it's great!  And some saltry dancing on top of a cab...

Personally I love her use of colour this time, and I quite like the beat to this one, I'm thinking it might go number one, do you???

Clip courtesy of YouTube.

I went and got married!

After an 18 month engagement I am thrilled to now be a married lady!   On Saturday we had the most amazing day of celebration with friends and family, everything went well and the weather was fantastic.   What an amazing venue we had at Old Forest School in the beautiful Bay of Plenty.   Our stunning bridal party and pretty little flower girls did the best job ever of looking after us on our special day!

Photos by Sophie Lee Photography.


Stacey Gillies wedding
Old Forest School Wedding

Lululemon VP visiting Auckland

Dr Tom Waller, Senior Vice President of Whitespace™ at Lululemon Athletica, heads up a team of 30 creative innovators and R&D experts, he  is in Auckland in March for the NZTE Better by Design Summit which brings together top thought leaders in product design, innovation and culture.

Athleisure is a growing market, with people now choosing to wear their active wear from the gym through the day and even into the night.   The brand originates from Canada and according to the company's third quarter fiscal 2016 results, its net revenue increased 13 per cent on the previous year to US$544m (NZ$758m) and gross profit increased by 24 per cent to US$278.4m.

Their customer service and customer experience is at the heart of what they do.   Although some may say their leggings are expensive, they are doing something right with the massive year on year growth.

May favourites for athleisure currently though is Aussie label PE Nation and Swedish label Aim'n.