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Monday, September 21, 2015

A new bikini for summer 15/16

I am excited that summer is just around the corner and I am sooo overdue a new bikini!!   Last summer I was pregnant, so lazing on the beach was a different experience :)   I've started looking at my options and I am excited with what I've found so far, in particular from Roxy.   I love the high waisted bottoms - a nice change from the bikini-style I reckon!  Check out their site, there are some really funky styles and prints available.
Roxy bikini, summer bikini, togs,

High waisted bikini, bottoms, togs, Roxy

Friday, September 18, 2015

Club Physical and Fashion Fairground

Join one of Auckland's top gyms - Club Physical and get half price of a 'wardrobe edit' with Fashion Fairground when you become a member!   Get that body and wardrobe in shape for summer - it's just around the corner!

personal styling, wardrobe edit, Club Physical, gym

Monday, August 24, 2015

Bonds at The Warehouse

The Warehouse recently held a showcase of their spring clothing range and included in this was the new Bonds underwear collection.   I've always loved Bonds for the quality, colour palette, patterns and price point specifically their underwear and now that I have a baby, their baby clothes are equally just as great.

I was advised that The Warehouse in Sylvia Park (Mt Wellington, Auckland) is the best store in terms of finding the largest range both for Bonds and their other items, which is just a point to note.

Here are a few pics of the new Bonds underwear collection at The Warehouse:

Bonds underwear, The Warehouse

Bonds underwear, The Warehouse

Friday, July 17, 2015

Men's sock style - top tips

Socks are one of the accessories in a man's wardrobe which can provide a little personality.  With a huge range of socks on the market offering different textures, colours and prints, socks are a fun way to chop and change your look.  There is a fine line however where some socks shouldn't be worn with certain outfits or trousers (I'm thinking white socks and suit pants for example!!)  

Socks were once worn for practical reasons but nowadays, in this fashion conscious world socks can give that extra hit of pizazz to an outfit.  Here are a few of my top tips on how to style your socks to your trousers:

  • Wear a pair that complements your trousers/suit.  Eg. If wearing a mid grey suit then opt for a charcoal or black sock.  Try and keep your colour combo tonal eg, light grey suit then socks should be a tone of grey. Navy suit, then a sock in a tone of blue.
  • Obviously black suit equals black socks.  Slightly different for jeans where if you wear black jeans your socks can be more casual or funky as long as they aren't white like John Travolta! :)
  • Subtle pattern like stripes are popular for socks and can be worn with suit pants ensuring the stripes complement your trouser colour.  Unless of course you are going for a bold and daring look then you want to really go statement see middle pic below.
  • The heavier your trousers ie denim or corduroy the heavier texture your sock should be.
  • Of course all of the above depends on whether you are wearing a shoe or a boot - if a boot, it doesn't really matter if the sock isn't on show.
  • Throw out any holey socks!  There really is no need for this!

Lastly, I found this great little gem of website for you sock-a-holic guys out there.  Soxy - a subscription service for men delivering 5 stylish pairs of socks on a monthly basis - yes that's right, each month 5 new designs are created and can be delivered straight to your doorstep!  No more stressing about your socks in the morning guys!

mens sock style, fashion,

mens sock style, fashion,
Image: Soxy

mens sock style, fashion,
Image: Mango Studios

Monday, July 13, 2015

How to style fine hair

Those of us with fine locks would love to have a head of thick shiny hair, we always want what we can't have. Well I too have fine hair and I often get asked how I get volume in it.  To be honest my hair is sometimes a bit boofy so that helps, but other times it can be flat (and no one likes flat hair!!).   I am not one for spending hours in the morning on my hair either, so I style my hair in a pretty easy go lucky way.  I don't like to look too preened (with my hair at least!) and much prefer the 'just got out of bed' look.

So how do I create the volume?  My must have products are the following:

Fine tooth comb
Dusting/powder  (I use Schwarzkopf Osis)
Hairspray (currently using L'Oreal Infinium)
Bobby pins 

These are my steps for getting volume into fine hair:
1) comb hair (if it needs it) otherwise run your fingers through it to get out any knots
2) scoop up sections of your hair around the front and top of your head and sprinkle very lightly the texture dust then lightly massage this into the roots of your hair.
3) take a section of your hair at the top of your head/above your forehead and at the crown and backcomb this until you see it getting some lift (see pic below).  Beware - don't go too crazy with the backcombing!!
4) lightly comb over the top of the backcombed section of hair to remove any scraggly bits and so you can't see the backcombed section of hair.
5) tie your hair up in a pony tail or bun, or leave your hair out
6) finish with hairspray

Note - bobby pins can be used to help position your bun/pony tail in position and helps maintain the height at the crown.

This is my messy bun :)

How to get volume and style fine hair

Products used to get volume into fine hair

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Top 5 Linen Duvet Covers

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love linen bedding.  The way it crinkles and hangs and its softness over time, makes linen a luxury item for the bedroom.   I've invested in linen pillow cases and sheets and my current mission is to find a linen duvet cover. Our bedroom style is very neutral and luckily the duvets I've spotted are in lovely neutral tones.  There is not a wide range when it comes to linen duvets, however I have done some research below.  They range in several colourways and price points (in New Zealand), here are my top five stockists:

Based on a Queen size:

1) Farmers  (Domani)  currently one sale (as at 23.06.15), $114 - GREAT DEAL!
2) Citta Design $239
3) Letliv $249
4) Collect Living $290
5) Nest-Direct $299

Linen duvet cover and sheets

Friday, June 12, 2015

New Zealand made anti-wrinkle serum by Snowberry sets international standard

I posted a product review back in August 2013 about local skin care brand Snowberry.   Snowberry has been in the media a lot of late due to its advanced skin care formula specifically with their new anti wrinkle serum 'New Radiance Face Serum (with Cu-PEP™)' that has had international recognition.

Snowberry has been working for the past 4 years with the University of Auckland’s School of Pharmacy.  The New Radiance Face Serum has shown that its ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkle volume exceeds that of a world renowned brand (Strivectin) and in less than 8 weeks!   What is even better for the consumer is that this product is priced at an accessible $NZ40 for 30ml.

There is not one, over the counter (OTC) anti-aging skin care product currently in the market that shows significant skin smoothing performance that is supported by gold standard clinical trials. Snowberry’s new serum will be the first.

I was sent the serum to trial for myself.  You don’t need much, a little goes a long way and if it does what the research is saying then I will be sticking with this product for sure!  Hope to give you some good results in the next month or two!

Go Kiwi!!

Snowberry skincare serum