Are you too busy with work and family life to shop for yourself?

Are you uninspired by what is in your wardrobe?

Would you like to feel excited about getting dressed every day?

Let me help you. Call Stacey on 021 0297 9065




How I can help solve your wardrobe dilemmas:

  • I will take away the burden of clothes shopping (by either doing this for you or joining you)
  • Advise you on what is no longer working in your wardrobe
  • Advise what to add to your wardrobe
  • Provide you more options with your current wardrobe by mixing and matching
  • Discover new shoes, colours and accessories that you hadn’t thought of wearing
  • Get you excited to get dressed every day.

Why am I different to other stylists?

  • I have over 10 years experience working in a corporate environment, I know what is required to dress professionally for the office, equally I understand dressing a pregnant and post baby body shape 
  • I can empathise with my clients
  • I look to international fashion alternatives to create the best wardrobe for my clients
  • I have dressed over 500 people for television
  • Follow up.  I provide support throughout your styling sessions and ensure your questions are answered even after completion.
Auckland Personal Stylist