Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rollas Jeans got to get yourself some!

Now I don't buy jeans very often and when I do I take my time over the final decision.  I had been eyeing some up I had seen on a model on Pinterest, and tried to track them down (as I couldn't see what brand she was wearing).  My investigation showed that the jeans I was after were called Rollas, an Australian brand that is doing very well in the market.  I was specifically after something high waisted and skinny.  Rollas have two styles catering for this - East Coast and West Coast - after trying on both I decided that the very very high waisted option (East Coast) was probably not quite me so I went with the West Coast.  High enough to give me the look I wanted - longer legs with the added bonus of pulling everything in so you feel nice and flat in the front - bonus!  These are such comfortable jeans, they are ankle grazers too so need to take them up and they look great with heels.

East Coast, Blue Rain

West Coast, Avalon Blue

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Juna Menswear Launches in Grey Lynn, Auckland

I attended the launch of new menswear label 'Juna', Kiwi made by local designer Julie Stevens.  Diversifying from her womenswear designs, Juna is targeted at young males right through to the more mature man.  Some great wool blend pieces that hint towards the Swandri but are just that bit more sophisticated.  Read my full story here on Thread.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Searching for fashion using visual search

Image recognition is not new to us, it's most commonly used at the airport at customs, so it's not strange to see this technology has been applied to the fashion industry.  Do you ever find yourself seeing someone up the street wearing something that you really want, but don't want to approach them and ask where they bought it?  Or, perhaps it's your favourite celeb wearing a fabulous outfit that you want to know how to get hold of?  Well, this new app can help.  ASAP54 uses image recognition to identify the item (which you need to photograph with your smart phone) and searches where you can buy it.  It also provides a 24 hour stylist where you can ask them a question and get their advice as well as a social fashion community.  This UK app was launched in February in the US, Europe and Brazil and after one week the app ranked 1 in both the US and UK (Ragtrader Magazine).

There are similar apps out there, Snap Fashion and The Hunt. I've signed myself up to ASAP54 - it's free, so might give it a whirl and report back on how good this really does sound.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Styling shoot for Good & Co scarves

Good & Co scarves are designed by Kiwi girl Lilly Toogood who bases herself in Sydney.  Gorgeous photographs taken by Lilly of her travels over the years, are printed onto silks and cashmere giving a unique feel to any wardrobe, summer or winter.  Here is a selection of the photos I styled alongside Lilly and her photographer sister, Geordie of G Frames.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The psychology of personal style

I read an article in the weekend paper on the psychology of fashion and how the way that we dress affects how we feel - something that isn't really that new to us, but it's important to realise that this does actually affect your personality.   Dr Karen Pine is a world leading fashion psychologist and her research is interesting.  There is a motivation behind what we wear and why.  It's all about projecting an image, be at work or play.   One of her findings on blue jeans was that for most woman these are known as their 'sad pants', that jeans get worn when woman are unhappy.  Apparently there is a correlation between depression and wearing jeans.

This topic does lead me to a question; why do people (particularly females) copy the style of another and wear this ensemble in front of the person they are copying??  (my pet peeve!!!)  

Interesting articles below:

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hailwood -

I've posted before on Hailwood and I'm going to post again!  I just love his work. Prior to Christmas I popped into the store on K Road and found this beautiful print dress, named The Wave Dress.  The thing about this dress is that it fits in all the right places - the nipped in waist, cap sleeves and scooped back make this dress really feminine. This pic shows the 3/4 length style, mine is above the knee.  I've worn it to quite a few events already (giving it a little break now!) and today I am going to make another trip to the store - yep there is a sale on!  I'm sure I'll be posting on Hailwood again very soon :)

Saturday, February 15, 2014


I was never one for Canterbury Clothing, the label takes me back to my university days when all the boys lived  in their 2-tone, block colour rugby shorts.  It seems however that the Canterbury of NZ brand has rejuvenated itself and interestingly has some more feminine sporty pieces for us girls.  The summer campaign #trainisthegame sees some vibrant colours coming through for running, yoga or general exercise-wear.  I am enjoying the capri leggings (with 5% spandex) and wouldn't mind one of the hoodies for mooching around the house.

Rambler Capri

Ugly Pullover Hoody